CDR Bill Salisbury, USN-Ret


CDR Salisbury served as a Navy SEAL for 16 years.  His assignments included OIC, SEAL Team ONE Det Golf in the Rung Sat Special Zone of South Vietnam (1967), XO SEAL Team TWO (1970), CO UDT ELEVEN (1977 - 79). CDR Salisbury was also a Country and Regional Specialist for Latin America with duty in Panama (1972), Peru (1973 - 1976) and Honduras (1982).

CDR Salisbury has written widely, and two of his articles available on the Internet are of particular interest to MST-2 and SEAL alums, both of which are about much more than about Jesse Ventura:

“Was Jesse a SEAL or a UDT Guy?” includes a vivid description of Captain Phil Bucklew and tells the story of the 7 April 1967 river ambush on the Sam Sat that cost newly-arrived Det Golf’s Kilo Platoon three men and resulted in wounds to virtually everyone else in their Mike boat (apparently a South Vietnamese Navy asset).  This tragedy -- along with an earlier ambush of an LCM carrying SEALs that resulted in many wounded and one dead South Vietnamese officer -- were a major impetus for the development of the LSSC and MSSC.

“Jesse's Dangerous Game,” includes another story from the 7 April 1967 ambush -- the sad, slow death of Bobby Neal of Kilo Platoon -- and the most compelling telling of the 4 March 1971 ambush of MST-2 Det Alpha’s MSSC and the death of X-Ray platoon leader Mike Collins.

Other writings by CDR Salisbury can be found at San Diego Reader Online.